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If you don't want to experience some issue with unexpected puppet version on your nodes, upgraded by error from 2.x series to 3.x series (where incompatibilities can occur). Simply add this to a common used manifest :

    ensure => present,
    owner => 'root',
    content => 'Package: puppet puppet-common
    Pin: version 2.7*
    Pin-Priority: 500'

This uses the pin feature of apt-get.

If your nodes have already moved to a newer and unexpected version, then you'll have to downgrade them manually with a simple :

$ apt-get install puppet 

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If you have set git as the storage engine used by etckeeper, then you might want to add a very simple hook to push your configurations to a remote repo.

Note that this feature is already included depending on the distribution/release you are using (not included in Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS at this time). See


Add a remote to your local git repository

$ cd /etc
$ git remote add origin git@yourserver:yourrepo

Then push it with -u to automatically track changes

$ git push -u origin master

The hook

Simply create a file that will be triggered after the commit : /etc/etckeeper/commit.d/60git-push

set -e
if [ "$VCS" = git ] && [ -d .git ]; then
 cd /etc/
 git push origin master

Don't forget to chmod +X it

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If you care about the data being stored on your Apple computer, then you probably already use Time Machine as a backup solution. But if you're a developer or somebody else using MySQL, then you will soon or later reach the maximum capacity of your backup HDD. Why, just because the transaction logs (usually a file called ibdata) grows day after day and Time Machine seems not to be able to only backup the difference between 2 versions of this file.

I've faced this issue by the past and managed to solve it, but here it is, once again and because I've reinstalled my LAMP stack, my backup HDD is crying again and I decided to make a simple note on the topic.

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Today I started to dig into the tons of unread mails I received this month. My first priority was to fix 2 formulas I've submitted to the homebrew project (one is for the eZ Components, the other one to be able to install php-intl which is a requirement for Symfony2 developments).

But, I discovered that homebrew people decided to stop maintaining PHP formulas in the main repository. They are not PHP developers and can't have a good sight on what they review and pull. Well, homebrew-php is the new repository to PHP-related formulas and adamv told me that multi-repositories management will be handled in a short term. So that's quite a good news !

Before doing anything regarding the formulas I've submitted, I was curious to install PHP 5.3.10 using homebrew and see how it works. This blog post is about that.

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ezlupdate is a really great tool when it comes to work on multi-lingual eZ Publish website. It helps you generating the translation files by scanning your extension templates and used together with QT Linguist , it's a wonderful tandem !

Well, as it is not compiled/packaged by eZ Systems, I've decided a few week ago to create my own homebrew formula to install it on Mac OS X in one command line... I've also submitted a few other formulas to easily install this apps/libs on Mac OS X : phpMyAdmin (pulled), php-mcrypt (pulled), intl for php (Symfony2 requirements) and ezcomponents ...


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